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    Jiangmen Yiyuan Biochemical Engineering Company Limited is the professional large chemical enterprise producing adhesive, The former was Jiangmen positive chemical Co.,Ltd. Yiyuan company located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Guangdong - Jiangmen City, located in High-Tech Development Zone, has an area of 40 acres’ of industrial park, 4,000 square meters’ office building and 12,000 square meters’ production plants.
    Yiyuan company always adhere to the thinking of "science and technology are primary productive forces", boldly practice and create. The company has through self-development, introduction, absorption and other kinds of channels, with high and new technology to transform traditional industry and improve the product development systems. Through many years of development, Yiyuan company has become a large adhesive integrated production company in the field of car,toy,electron,luggage, lighting, furniture, decoration, and so on,At the same time, Now has developed no-solvent PU adhesive,PVC water-based plastic floor adhesive, water-based Guided (anti-)-static pvc floor adhesive ,water-based wood floor adhesive, water-based neoprene, water-based spraying adhesive, water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, such as a variety of new water-based adhesive products and has formed the scale to produce and sale; and become the new star of company.
    Decade of storms make us more powerful. We will continue to be with first-class quality, advanced technology, perfect services and reasonable cost, contribute to the sustainable development of adhesives industry. Welcome to Chinese and foreign investors to create brilliant!

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